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challenging problems a▓nd heavy tasks in development. In pursuit of more equal par▓ticipation and development, China needs consistent efforts to fully realize the people's right to develop▓ment.The protection of the right to development mus▓t be sustainable. Sustainable development is a prerequisite for materializing the right to development, an embodiment of inte▓rgenerational equity. Imbalanced, uncoordinated and unequal development reflects unsustainable de▓velopment, as does an extensive deve

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. There is no end either ▓to development or to realizing the

lopme▓nt model. China is pursuing a sustainable approach to pro▓duction, utilization and consumption of natural resources. China now follows a sustainable and resilient socio-economic development path so as to meet th▓e needs of both present and fut

ure generatio▓ns. China has a development mindset of balance and sustai▓nability, regarding the harmonious development between humanity and nature, between economy and so▓ciety, as a new means of realizing and ▓protecting the right to development.Th

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